Balinese Massage

A traditional massage originating from the island of the Gods. Ideal for those who would like to experience a relaxing traditional massage. Your therapist will apply soft to medium pressure using a combination of long strokes, gentle stretching and kneading. Great to stimulate blood flow, release stress, and calm your body and mind.The perfect jet lag recovery solution.

60 min Rp. 420,000
90 min Rp. 575,000

Bali’s Best Sports Massage

Your work out recovery solution and our most popular massage. With deeper pressure, lomi lomi, thumb pressure and stretching, this treatment is the perfect combination after exercise. It can assist with chronic aches and pains and problematic areas such as a stiff neck, upper back, leg or lower
back pain, releasing muscle tightness throughout the body.

60 min Rp. 450,000
90 min Rp. 600,000

Soothing Warm Stone Massage

Enjoy the benefits of a traditional Balinese Massage with the addition of warm basalt stone in one blissful massage. The warmth of the basalt stone will promote a deep muscle relaxation, soothing the body and improving sleep quality.

75 min Rp. 550,000
90 min Rp. 675,000

Bamboo Massage

Try something different! Relax and enjoy the sensation of the soft bamboo stick gliding and rolling along the skin, combined with warm oil. This unique massage technique will de-stress your mind and relax your muscles.

90 min Rp. 675,000

Body Temple Signature

Our signature massage comprises a unique combination of medium and strong pressure via your therapists touch and massage tools. Guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed yet energized!

60 min Rp. 525,000
90 min Rp. 675,000

Foot Reflexology

More than just a foot massage. Foot reflexology uses a targeted, pressure-point technique to restore the flow of energy throughout the body. This treatment is focused on the feet and lower leg area. 30 minute treatment – Please let your therapist know if you prefer foot massage or foot reflexology

30 min Rp. 240,000
60 min Rp. 400,000

Mommy To Be

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey for women but often leads to discomfort such as back pain, stress and struggles sleeping. This treatment uses pregnancy safe oil and is perfect for a “ Mommy to Be”. We recommend this only after the first trimester.

60 min Rp. 520,000

Quick Fix Back Therapy

As the name suggests, this massage focuses on your back and shoulder areas for 30 minutes to release muscle tension in a limited time

30 min Rp. 240,000

Face Massage

Our fountain of youth treatment! This deeply relaxing massage stimulates blood flow, reduces puffiness, and rejuvinates a tired complexion. Ending with a head massage you will leave with a fresh, healthy and youthful glow. Using the perfect mix of jojoba, rosehip and sweet almond oil to nourish all skin types.

30 min Rp. 260,000


Prices include tax and service charges.