Colour Me Happy

Nail shaping followed with polish

OPI Polish Coat 30 min Rp. 225,000
OPI Gel 30 min Rp. 325,000
Shellac Gel 30 min Rp. 350,000

Classic Mani or Pedi

Cut, file, cuticle clean, scrub and short massage

OPI Polish Coat 60 min Rp. 325,000
OPI Gel 60 min Rp. 400,000
Shellac Gel 60 min Rp. 450,000

Sport Mani or Pedi

Cut, file and cuticle clean

45 min Rp. 225,000


Gel Polish remover Rp. 65,000
French Polish Rp. 65,000
Nail Artistic Rp. 125,000


Prices include tax and service charges