Cellu Fight Body Treatment

Our fresh and natural coffee and mint scrub is blended with vitamin E to help eliminate dead skin cells whilst reducing the appearance of cellulite. The rubbing and wrapping technique will allow your skin to absorb the full benefits of this treatment. Leaving you with soft, smooth and healthier skin.

60 min Rp. 390,000

THALGO Body Contour With Active Oxygen

A THALGO Innovation, featuring Oxy-Active and SculptActive technology. This high performance treatment is designed to attack and dislodge cellulite and stubborn unwanted curves, and concentrates the expertise of THALGO’s Professional techniques. Combined with an exclusive body wrap with active oxygen, localised slim and firm serum, and perfect sculpt massage. This treatment is designed to correct problem cellulite, deep fat and loss of firmness.

90 min Rp. 890,000

After Sun Exposure

Perfect after a fun day in the sun at Splash! The ideal treatment for sunburnt skin. Prepare your skin for aloe vera absorption by showering first. Cooling aloe vera gel will soothe the redness of your skin. Face cleansing and aloe vera face mask are also included.

45 min Rp. 390,000

Traditional Balinese Boreh

A traditional Balinese healing body wrap made from local spices, proven to improve blood circulation, eliminate muscle aches and provide a warming effect. Highly recommended to combine with a Traditional Balinese Massage.

45 min Rp. 415,000

Royal Javanese Lulur

A traditional beauty ritual originating from the royal family in Java. This ritual begins with a body scrub made from rice powder, turmeric and pandan wangi which will help to purify the skin. Following the scrub an application of yoghurt is applied to moisturize the skin.

60 min Rp. 415,000

Sandalwood Body Treatment

Sandalwood is an emollient, antiseptic and soothing product. Using sandalwood scrub, body mask and lotion this treatment will assist to treat various skin problems including blemishes. This treatment begins with a body scrub to remove dead skin cells followed by the sandalwood body mask. After showering sandalwood lotion will be applied to moisturize the skin. Ideal for relieving inflamed acne; swollen pimples are carefully and quickly reduced without scarring. Your skin will be soothed, smoothed and moisturised.

60 min Rp. 415,000

Add on

Relaxing lavender and rose petal bath soak

20 min Rp. 415,000


Prices include tax and service charges.